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Kpeiz is a social media analytics and benchmarking tool SMO that evaluates statistics across social media platforms and compares them with those of your competitors. The purpose is to help you optimize your digital strategy.

Kpeiz Puts under the microscope more than 1,000 Tunisian accounts from all sectors to either deliver sectoral benchmarks to customers or provide global studies on the performance of digital activities in Tunisia.


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Our time-saving and automatically generated reports are at your disposal, whether you want a PDF format or a PPT one. Easily customized and available to download from our platform, our reports can be shared with tour team or sent to your clients with just one click!

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Monitor and analyze the metrics and results of your direct and indirect competitors all over the world

Kpeiz helps you rank your social accounts and compare them to those of your competitors in your industry.

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Kpeiz processes and translates your accounts’ statistics which will help you evaluate your community manager’s proficiency and guide his digital strategy towards a winning strategy.

Get the best of our reliable statistics which are based on specific algorithms and regularly enhanced by our team.

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Display in only a few seconds the best and the worst posts of the pages you choose, rank the posts by engagement rate, sharing rate, liking rate or number of interactions.

Keep an eye on the slightest details and compare the commitment rate of each media type. Several different metrics are available for you to help you optimize your social content and adopt winning strategies.

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